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Traveling for medical tourism?


A patient abroad, is more than a leisure tourist. PatientAbroad founded by an American health counselor, offers specialized medical, travel and loging options for visitors who travel to Panama, for affordable surgical procedures.


We are by your side


Because Medical Tourism deals with people, health, and individualized care, we, at PatientAbroad, are personally involved at every step, from physically inspecting and pre-approving lodging options, to directly coordinating doctor's appointments, and safely transporting the patients with our in-house bilingual drivers.


Our medical tourism partners


We work with major Medical Tourism Brokers, offering concierge services, and patient reports.  We also assist a network of medical tourism doctors and answer direct site inquiries.


ABC of Medical Travel

Availability – Guaranteed 24/7 availability of transportation, logistics, and medical interpretation services  during your trip.
Benefits Such as direct contact with doctors, lodging that meets your budget, and affordable leisure options.
Cultural affinity – Our American director and travel facilitator, will fully understand your requirements, making sure that you feel like you never left home.


Why did we choose Panama?


Panama offers safety and savings for Patients Abroad [Learn more]

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 Medical Tourism and PatientAbroad

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is the solution for people who travel to receive safe, top quality, health care, visit new places, and save money, all at the same time.  Many medical tourists travel to Panama to receive top care by US-trained doctors, and to experience a tropical vacation.  The range of medical tourism treatments and procedures seeked by medical tourists in Panama is broad.  It covers surgeries such as cosmetic - face lifts, breast implants, liposuction, dental, in-vitro fertilization IVFS, orthopaedic procedures.

medical tourism panama

About Medical Tourism in Panama

Both patients and doctors agree that there are four factors that make Panama an attractive medical tourism destination:


1.  State of the art technology for medical tourism procedures.

2.  Safe country for enjoying a tropical medical tourism vacation

3.  Low prices for medical care and hospitalization.

4.  Low air fare prices to Panama from many locations in North America

medical tourism panama

Medical Tourism is a smart decision

In these times of economic crisis, where hopes risk being left behind, smart decisions should include the benefits of medical tourism.  Our prices, including air fare to Panama and lodging, are typically at least one third of the total cost of a similar procedure in North America or Europe.

medical tourism panama

Common Concerns About Medical Tourism

What worries some people when deciding to travel abroad for medical tourism is the fear of being alone in a foreign country, in an unfamiliar environment.  This is the juncture where PatientAbroad provides an additional degree of confidence and peace of mind for the medical tourist in Panama.

medical tourism panama

PatientAbroad is there for you.

PatientAbroad is not just another medical tourism broker serving as a liasson between a customer in one country, and medical services in another.  PatientAbroad is not promoting a specific hospital or doctor.  We are your Medical Tourism facilitators  when you are contacting us from your home and once you arrive at your destination we are your medical tourism support, your travel aide, and your concierge.  We are based in Panama, coordinating services to be provided in Panama.


Links:  Medical Tourism Procedures - Medical Tourism Packages - Best Hospitals for Medical Tourism - Medical Tourism Questions - Tools for the Medical Tourist - What to Expect when you Arrive in Panama for Medical Tourism.



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